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Authorized Dealers

We do our best in order to offer our customers high quality products from best manufacturers. In order to assure also the best possible quality of service at point of sale, we publish a list of Authorized Dealers for each product category. Authorized Dealers are carefully selected and only those have our full support in the matter of warranty service.

Serial number check

We would like to inform you that all serial numbers of equipment holding the individual serial numbers are scanned and stored in our computer system. Thanks to that we are able to determine if the equipment was sold via our authorized dealer network. We can only be responsible for equipment sold by us.

Non authorized sales

As Horn Distribution is a sole distributor of most of equipment stated within the product section of this web page, we are obliged by manufacturers to report unauthorized sales on the market. In case you find a suspicious offer in the store (both: traditional sales or Internet store), please inform us.